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Kate Bishop
18 December 1986

Soon be my choice of which you'll have no part of

Character Name: Katherine (Kate) Bishop / Hawkeye
Series: Young Avengers
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Human
Sexuality: heterosexual
Appearance: Kate is an incredibly attractive young woman, standing at 5'5", and weighing about 120lbs. She's incredibly fit due to constant and rigorous physical training, and that much is obvious in her physique. She's long-legged, curves in just the right places, and has grown fairly used to the fact that she turns a lot of heads. She does maintain her looks to a degree, going tanning and getting mani-pedis, but this is more or less to overbalance the physical abuse she regularly takes in her line of work. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is black, falling midway down her back and slightly curly. Her defined facial features make it easy to tell what well-off family she belongs to, looking very much like her sister and mother.

She dresses well outside of uniform, designer clothes, favoring the color purple. She almost always wears purple lipstick, and when she's not wearing that it's some other dark shade. As Hawkeye she wears a tight purple uniform heavily outfitted with all her gadgets and personal arsenal, with tinted shades and a white scarf.
Manhattanite or outsider? While Kate IS a Manhattanite, it is not THIS Manhattan.

Unprodigial daughter and I'm heading for the west
Personality: Kate is a confidant and tough young woman, unafraid of anyone including Captain America and Tony Stark, and stubborn in her reasoning for things. She won't hold back if she thinks you're wrong or being stupid, and she can be a little full of her own capabilities at times, although for quite good reason. She's great with witty banter and flirting, and for all intents and purposes she can very much look the part of a snotty rich girl.

There's a lot more to her though. She genuinely cares for the people around her, and would do just about anything to make sure that they aren't victimized. She can be ridiculously impulsive when it comes to people doing things wrong, and she won't apologize unless things go seriously wrong. And even then if you're Eli don't ever expect an apology. Or someone like Eli.

Kate's drive to not be a victim, or allow the people she cares for to be victimized stems from a traumatizing event shortly after her mother died, in which she was attacked and raped, powerless to stop it. This event transformed her from what she had been previously, a generous Catholic schoolgirl who helped out in soup kitchens and was generally unenthused by her family's wealth, into the fiery tempered warrior she is today. While not altogether a healthy situation, she found the strength to keep going, and to rise above it, and she strives for that in every day life. There is no challenge she can't handle.

Abilities: While not a superhuman in any way, shape, or form, Kate is by no means without her own important abilities. She is highly skilled at archery, fencing, sword fighting, jujitsu, boxing, and other forms of combat. She's got a tactical mind and a flair for fashion, and she's very good at thinking calmly in stressful situations.

She also plays the cello.

Weaknesses: Kate's strengths can also be her weaknesses. She is incredibly headstrong, unwilling to compromise with people who won't fold under her first, and this can get her into shouting matches. She can also get a little involved in her own thing and not pick up on certain things that she should have initially. She can be emotionally distant at times due to her troubled past, although she's been fighting to not be such a way, and is mostly past it.

Disenchanted daughter and this plane cannot fly fast enough

Katherine Elizabeth Bishop was born the youngest child to Derek and Elenor Bishop, two socialites of New York City. Her father was a publishing mogul, and they grew up incredibly well-off, but where Kate's older sister Sarah enjoyed the perks of rich life, Kate tended to frequent the soup kitchens and charity functions that her mother organized and supported.

After her mother was killed (presumably on a humanitarian mission overseas although it's kind of unclear how she died exactly) Kate continued on trying to be the good daughter who strove to help the poor. Despite what a good person she was, however, one night walking home from school through Central Park she was assaulted at knifepoint and raped. The temptation to let it turn inward was there, and while her rapist was never caught, and she never told anyone of the rape she took it upon herself instead to get top notch therapy and get herself back on her feet. To this day the only two people who know she was raped are Jessica Jones, and her therapist.

She took on multiple physical defense classes, in armed and unarmed combat. She would never allow herself to become a victim again.

She was given her opportunity to put a real use to her skill at her sister's wedding when a group of armed men stormed St. Patrick's Cathedral where they were, demanding the jewelry and money of all in attendance. Kate was unimpressed with the show of force, and tried to rally others into taking the gunmen out, but predictably everyone else in attendance was too afraid to do anything. When the Young Avengers crashed in through the rose window, she was able to take action while the boys got their asses handed to them, going for the gun that one of the men had dropped, although she was spotted and held as a hostage briefly.

Being Kate, however, she had managed to get a hold of one of the Patriot's throwing stars, and she jammed it into the leg of her captor, effectively turning the tables. The Young Avengers made a quick retreat when the cops arrived, and Kate's father insisted she go to the hospital, although there was nothing wrong with her. At the hospital she sat outside waiting for her father to get over his fit when she was approached by Cassie Lang, daughter of the late Ant-Man. Together the two girls left and went in search of the Young Avengers, finding them at the defunct Avengers Mansion. They attempted to convince the boys to allow them to join, and initially Patriot was very against it (especially with Kate insisting she'd saved his sorry ass) but after the Avengers showed up and put everyone with abilities into lockdown and Kate bailed them out, grabbing any weapons she could in the process he reluctantly admitted she wasn't such a burden. The team was then forced to do battle with the future self of their founding member, Iron Lad, ultimately losing him when he needed to restore the timeline to save everyone's life.

Captain America then forbade the kids from ever putting on their costumes again, and the Young Avengers were seemingly finished. However Kate couldn't just accept that. Using her connections with the fashion elite of New York, she designed new costumes for every one of the team, and pointed out that Cap had said the old costumes, so she'd made new ones. So, assuming shared leadership with Patriot, the team was reborn.

Things went fairly well for a short time, until Captain America started going to the families of those he knew, exposing the kids' secret. Eli ended up quitting because it was revealed that he'd used Mutant Growth Hormone to simulate abilities, and Kate took full control of the YA, although they tried to get Patriot to return to them several times. Eventually he did, in time to assist Teddy in a problem with his heritage.

It was after this event was resolved that Kate finally received her formal codename of Hawkeye, with Captain America's blessing to use it, along with the former Hawkeye's bow and quiver.

In all of this the Civil War happened, and the YA initially sided with the Captain America, but he was unfortunately killed and the former Avengers seemingly finished (again) and after that the YA had to operate fairly low-key. Kate was eventually approached by the former Hawkeye, now Ronin, who had been presumed dead but it turned out he hadn't been. In a bonding experience she accidentally lost her bow to him, and after stealing it back Clint came to her offering the Secret Avengers assistance and his blessing to continue using his bow and his name.

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